Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2013 (Revised September 2014)

Man Jit Singh at Sony Entertainment Television (A)

by Linda A. Hill, Dana M. Teppert and Allison J. Wigen


Explores the role of CEO Man Jit Singh and his senior management committee in leading Multi Screen Media Pvt. Ltd. (formerly SET Pvt. Ltd.), a leading television broadcaster in India. Describes Singh's decision to evaluate employees based on values as well as performance, and the management committee's response. Allows for discussion of: 1) the impact of leadership style on team culture, performance, and effectiveness; 2) the challenges of building a values-based organization; 3) the complexities of managing talent in a young industry, particularly within an emerging market; and 4) the final decision by CEO Man Jit Singh and the subsequent actions taken by members of the management committee.

Keywords: performance appraisals; performance management; Performance Evaluation; Leadership Style; Managerial Roles; Organizational Culture; Groups and Teams; Management Teams; Change Management; Decision Making; Emerging Markets; Media and Broadcasting Industry; India;


Hill, Linda A., Dana M. Teppert, and Allison J. Wigen. "Man Jit Singh at Sony Entertainment Television (A)." Harvard Business School Case 414-028, November 2013. (Revised September 2014.)