Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2013

Ministry of Supply: Will Professionals Demand Its Performance?

by Mukti Khaire and Hannah Catzen


Ministry of Supply is an entrepreneurial venture in the apparel sector. The firm focuses on a specific segment—'performance professional wear'—within the sector, specializing in clothes that use fabrics with high-tech performance features (such as moisture-wicking, deodorizing, and temperature control) to make professional attire (button-down shirts, dress pants, etc.) for men. The firm has had success in fund-raising and its innovative product has garnered it good publicity, but the unusual combination of seemingly contradictory features—performance fabrics commonly used in outdoor leisure activities and a professional look and design—in the product has also generated cognitive challenges among consumers. How, if at all, can the firm increase the sales of its products?

Keywords: fashion and creative industries; entrepreneurship; Entrepreneurship; Fashion Industry;


Khaire, Mukti, and Hannah Catzen. "Ministry of Supply: Will Professionals Demand Its Performance?" Harvard Business School Case 814-042, November 2013.