Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2013 (Revised August 2015)

Viva Macau (A)

by Dante Roscini and G. A. Donovan


A fast-growing Macau-based airline backed by private US investors faces a dramatic expropriation in the wake of the first change of head of government since the former Portuguese colony became a Special Administrative Region of China. The case allows students to explore what Foreign Direct Investors can do to foresee a possible expropriation event and what options they might consider to protect themselves ex-ante or fight the outcome ex-post.

Keywords: Risk Management; Air Transportation; Ownership; Foreign Direct Investment; Government and Politics; Emerging Markets; Venture Capital; China; Macau;


Roscini, Dante, and G. A. Donovan. "Viva Macau (A)." Harvard Business School Case 714-024, December 2013. (Revised August 2015.)