Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2014 (Revised August 2015)

Iora Health

by William A. Sahlman and Vineeta Vijayaraghavan


The Iora Health case looks at a new approach to the management and delivery of primary care. Instead of having a doctor, half a nurse and two accountants, Iora deploys a doctor, a nurse and several health coaches, all operating as an integrated team. Iora focuses on measuring and improving health. They are paid to manage a population rather than on a fee for service basis. They spend twice as much on primary care and hope to save over 20% on total care by improving health and obviating the need for acute interventions. The action question in the cases revolves around a proposed financing for the company at a time when several locations are up and running but the model has not been fully validated.


Sahlman, William A., and Vineeta Vijayaraghavan. "Iora Health." Harvard Business School Case 814-030, February 2014. (Revised August 2015.)