Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2013

Rhythm & Blues

by Willy Shih


The bankruptcy filing of Rhythm & Hues, who received an Oscar for the arresting visual effects in Life of Pi, raised questions about the challenges faced by the firms like it as well as the broader post-production industry. The rapid pace of technology certainly contributed to much of the turmoil, but how could the future look so uncertain for people and firms who seemed to play such a vital role in generating the excitement and demand for movies and television programming?

Keywords: Post-production; visual effects; digital; Entertainment; Animation Entertainment; Film Entertainment; Television Entertainment; Theater Entertainment; Job Cuts and Outsourcing; Information Technology; Internet; Software; Hardware; Motion Pictures and Video Industry; Los Angeles;


Shih, Willy. "Rhythm & Blues." Harvard Business School Case 614-036, October 2013.