Book | 2013

Entrepreneurship and Multinationals: Global Business and the Making of the Modern World

by Geoffrey Jones


This book examines the history of entrepreneurship and multinationals in the making of the modern world. In recent years economists, historians, and political scientists have written extensively on the history of globalization and patterns of global wealth and poverty, but business enterprises have rarely been identified as significant independent actors. This book argues that firms mattered and shows how they have mattered. It explores the role of firms as facilitators of globalization during the nineteenth century and more recently and as preservers of it when governments sought to close it down in the interwar years. However the ability of firms to shape the world was always constrained, especially by governments. The outcomes of global capitalism are also shown to have been complex. The book demonstrates the unique ability of capitalism to create wealth for societies through innovation, yet also cautions that the history of global capitalism since the nineteenth century was associated with an enormous divergence in the wealth of the developed West compared to the rest of the world, which is only now partially closing.

Keywords: FDI; Economic History; business history; entrepreneurship; industrial organization; Chinitz; agglomeration; clusters; cities; mines; Globalization; Entrepreneurship; Government and Politics; Banking Industry; Chemical Industry; Consumer Products Industry; Beauty and Cosmetics Industry; Electronics Industry; Africa; Asia; Europe; Latin America; Middle East; North and Central America; South America;


Jones, Geoffrey. Entrepreneurship and Multinationals: Global Business and the Making of the Modern World. Northampton, MA: Edward Elgar Publishing, 2013.