Module Note | October 2013

Note on LBO Capital Structure

by Victoria Ivashina, Paul A. Gompers, Paul A. Gompers, Victoria Ivashina, Joris Van Gool and Joris Van Gool


This note discusses the capital structure often found in LBO transactions. Although the specifics of each capital structure vary case by case, in any given year, there is a great deal of similarity in the capital structure of these buyouts. These similarities exist because debt structure is largely determined by the deal size and market conditions. The note summarizes historic trends and practices related to the debt structure in the buyout space.

Keywords: leveraged buyouts; capital structure; Leveraged Buyouts; Capital Structure;


Gompers, Paul A., Victoria Ivashina, and Joris Van Gool. "Note on LBO Capital Structure." Harvard Business School Module Note 214-039, October 2013.