Supplement | HBS Case Collection | October 2013

Dongfeng Nissan's Venucia (C)

by Forest Reinhardt, Mayuka Yamazaki and G.A. Donovan


The (A) case describes the launch of a new passenger vehicle in China, produced jointly by Nissan of Japan and by Chinese automaker Dongfeng. Early sales results following the April 2012 launch were disappointing and the joint venture's managers had to decide how to respond. The case includes information on the structure of the industry, on government regulation, and on the preferences of Chinese purchasers of automobiles, including information about environmental considerations. The short (B) case, designed for distribution in class, describes further complications, as an international dispute between the Japanese and Chinese governments created further uncertainties for Chinese consumers and hence for the carmakers. The (C) case concludes the story; it too can be distributed in class.

Keywords: China; Japan; competitive strategy; auto industry; product launch; environment; sustainability; global strategy; Multinational Firms and Management; crisis management; cross-cultural/cross-border; Competitive Strategy; Product Launch; Global Strategy; Multinational Firms and Management; Crisis Management; Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues; Auto Industry; China; Japan;


Reinhardt, Forest, Mayuka Yamazaki, and G.A. Donovan. "Dongfeng Nissan's Venucia (C)." Harvard Business School Supplement 714-016, October 2013.