Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2013 (Revised June 2014)

Demarketing Soda in New York City

by John A. Quelch, Margaret L. Rodriguez, Carin-Isabel Knoop and Christine Snively


In 2013, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg tried and failed to institute a ban on serving sizes of large sugary beverages. Obesity posed a large public health risk to the city. Mayor Bloomberg's proposed ban was one of many attempts to combat the rising threat of obesity. The case discusses the efficacy of the proposed ban on large soda serving sizes in the context of the other anti-obesity initiatives crafted by Bloomberg's administration.

Keywords: marketing; soda; public health; business and public policy; obesity; Business and Government Relations; Public Sector; Strategy; Marketing Strategy; Marketing; Health; City; Food and Beverage Industry; New York (city, NY);


Quelch, John A., Margaret L. Rodriguez, Carin-Isabel Knoop, and Christine Snively. "Demarketing Soda in New York City." Harvard Business School Case 514-003, October 2013. (Revised June 2014.)