Case | HBS Case Collection | September 2013

Management Levels at Staples (A): Company and Organization (Abridged)

by David A. Garvin


Abridged version of one of six cases that describe the roles and responsibilities of managers at each of the hierarchical levels of management within the U.S. Stores business unit of Staples, the world's largest office supply company. Together, the cases form a complete integrated package. Explores five distinct jobs—store manager, district manager, regional vice-president, division senior vice-president, and president of the U.S. Stories business units—and, for each level, describes the key management tasks, planning, decision-making, and leadership processes and critical choices that lead to superior execution and operational performance. Provides background information on Staples' organization and strategy.

Keywords: Strategy; Managerial Roles; Organizational Design; Management Practices and Processes; Job Design and Levels; Business Processes; Consumer Products Industry; United States;


Garvin, David A. "Management Levels at Staples (A): Company and Organization (Abridged)." Harvard Business School Case 314-004, September 2013.