Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2013

HgCapital and the Visma Transaction (A)

by Paul A. Gompers, Karol Misztal and Joris Van Gool


This case concerns the negotiations of a deal by HgCapital, a UK-based private equity firm, to buy Visma, ASA, a Norwegian software company. Visma has received an offer from Sage Group, a strategic acquirer. HgCapital must determine if it wants to bid and how to outbid a potential strategic acquirer. The case concerns bidding and negotiations strategies as well as deal structuring issues. In particular, the cross border nature of the investment, a UK firm investing in Norway, leads to a number of financing issues related to raising the debt for the LBO. The case provides an opportunity to role play both the PE fund perspective and the potential target.

Keywords: private equity; leveraged buyouts; management buyout; deal structuring; negotiations; Finance; Valuation; Europe;


Gompers, Paul A., Karol Misztal, and Joris Van Gool. "HgCapital and the Visma Transaction (A)." Harvard Business School Case 214-018, August 2013.