Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2013

Desi Shack: Location Choice in the Big Apple

by William R. Kerr and Alexis Brownell


Desi Shack is a “fast casual” restaurant, started by two HBS alumni, that serves Indian and Pakistani cuisine in midtown Manhattan. The founders are looking to expand into a second location and also plan to hire a COO, and there is very little room for error in the decision-making process if Desi Shack is to continue operating. This case discusses questions of location choice and hiring decisions, and provides an example of a framework entrepreneurs might use to think about the many factors that must go in to making these choices.

Keywords: entrepreneurship; restaurant; New York City; location choice; Entrepreneurship; Food; Geographic Location; Food and Beverage Industry; New York (city, NY);


Kerr, William R., and Alexis Brownell. "Desi Shack: Location Choice in the Big Apple." Harvard Business School Case 814-012, August 2013.