Case | HBS Case Collection | August 2013

Pixability: Bettina's Board Walk

by Noam Wasserman and Yael Braid


Description: Bettina Hein, founder-CEO of Pixability, is meeting with her board of directors to discuss her startup's fundraising prospects and the recent strategic pivot. Though Bettina loves the entrepreneurial exhilaration of "riding a rollercoaster every day," the company's current cash position gives them only a four-month runway. For Bettina, though they can at times be tense, board meetings and their preparation have become an exercise in reflection that gives her encouragement. In her prior startup, SVOX, Bettina learned a lot about managing a board of directors. While she can apply many of those lessons to her experience at Pixability, she's had to continue to develop new practices for portraying the company's progress, and for soliciting advice from her directors while projecting confidence.

While preparing for the upcoming meeting, Bettina wonders: How should she structure and lead the meeting? How might her board react to her team's updates? What difficult questions might the board members pose and how should she answer them?

Keywords: entrepreneurship; corporate governance; board of directors; power and influence; Entrepreneurship; Negotiation;


Wasserman, Noam, and Yael Braid. "Pixability: Bettina's Board Walk." Harvard Business School Case 814-021, August 2013.