Book | 2011

Getting to Giving: Fundraising the Entrepreneurial Way

by Howard H. Stevenson and Shirley M. Spence


Getting to Giving is based on Stevenson's many years as a donor, fundraiser and entrepreneur. The book offers practical techniques and real life stories, and brings passion and humor to the art and science of asking for money. Topics included in the book include: what motivates donors to give, the four donor questions that you must be able to answer, how to craft compelling messages about your organization and cause, how to think and act like an entrepreneur, what your role is as a fundraising leader, why and how fundraising can be rewarding and fun!

Keywords: fund raising; fundraising; non-profit management; Strategy; Nonprofit Organizations; Giving and Philanthropy;


Stevenson, Howard H., and Shirley M. Spence. Getting to Giving: Fundraising the Entrepreneurial Way. Belmont, MA: Timberline LLC, 2011.