Chapter | How CEOs Can Fix Capitalism | 2013

The Most Successful CEOs Come from Within

by Joseph L. Bower


The financial crisis of 2008 and the Great Recession caused a crisis of public confidence in business and American-style capitalism, with its focus on maximizing shareholder value. Corporate leaders understood that reform was needed and that they needed to commit themselves to the dual goal of producing benefits for society and their firms' bottom lines—to creating "shared value." But the specific actions they could take to bring about this change were less clear.

This ebook offers some of the freshest thinking today on practical measures that businesses can implement to create shared value. Originally published in an online forum hosted by Harvard Business Review, it offers valuable advice about how CEOs, other senior executives, and boards of directors can work together to engage stakeholders in new ways, change their companies' values, build healthier relationships with investors, revamp incentive systems to create long-term value, and develop stronger succession plans.

Keywords: Governing and Advisory Boards; Management Succession; Business and Community Relations; Management Teams;


Bower, Joseph L. "The Most Successful CEOs Come from Within." In How CEOs Can Fix Capitalism, edited by Raymond V. Gilmartin and Steven E. Prokesch, 124–127. Boston, MA: Harvard Business Review Press, 2013. Electronic.