Other Unpublished Work | 2013

Branding Next-Generation Products

by Marco Bertini, John T. Gourville, E. Ofek and Jill Avery


We study the effect of brand name selection on consumer evaluations of next-generation products. In four experiments, participants evaluated next-generation offerings whose brand names either continued or interrupted existing naming sequences. The first results show that while consumers anticipate enhanced performance on existing product features irrespective of the branding decision, a name change triggers significantly higher expectations of new features. This added layer of innovation led participants to believe they were exposed to greater risk and reward. As a result, the last two experiments demonstrate that situational and dispositional factors influencing the relative salience of these beliefs determine adoption intentions.

Keywords: marketing; Brands; brands and branding; brand management; brand positioning; marketing strategy; Marketing; Brands and Branding; Marketing Strategy; Consumer Products Industry; Electronics Industry; Video Game Industry;


Bertini, Marco, John T. Gourville, E. Ofek, and Jill Avery. "Branding Next-Generation Products." (invited for resubmission to the Journal of Consumer Psychology.)