Tool | 2013

Harvard Business Review's Go to Market Tools: Market Sizing

by Jill Avery and Thomas Steenburgh


Market size matters. On the hook to launch your division's next great product or service? Need to convince higher ups that your product will fit that gaping revenue hole—and is worth the team's scarce marketing and product development resources? You need hard data to make your case: How many customers will buy it? How much will they pay? What are your competitors' strategies? We can help. Use HBR's Market Sizing tool again and again, to turn your raw market data into a clear analysis that will inform your product development and marketing plans. It will help you (1) gather the data you need to size your own market, (2) use your data to make confident projections, (3) turn your results into a game plan. HBR's Market Sizing tool includes: a brief tutorial that walks you through the process and calculations; instructions for gathering your own market data to plug into the tool; and the results of your data analysis in a PowerPoint to share with your colleagues. The tool will help you turn your own market data into a compelling business case for your great idea.

Keywords: marketing; Quantitative analysis; Tools; go to market strategy; marketing strategy; Marketing Strategy; Marketing;


Avery, Jill, and Thomas Steenburgh. Harvard Business Review's Go to Market Tools: Market Sizing. Tool. Boston, MA, USA: Harvard Business Review Press, 2013. Electronic.