Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2013

B. Zaitz & Sons Co. Farmland Investing

by Andre F. Perold


In April 2013, Ben Zaitz was looking down at an expanse of agricultural land as his plane flew over the Midwest. He would soon arrive in northern Minnesota to meet with farmers regarding land he had recently purchased there. The vast tracts of row-crop acreage below were just another reminder of the astonishing agricultural development that had taken place in the last 5-7 years—not only in the United States but also in Eastern Europe, Africa, and Latin America. Ben wondered if agriculture was not fast becoming overheated, and whether he should not rethink his whole approach to farmland investing.

Keywords: Plant-Based Agribusiness; Investment; Market Participation; Business Strategy; Financial Services Industry; Agriculture and Agribusiness Industry; Minnesota; Latin America; Africa; United States; Europe;


Perold, Andre F. "B. Zaitz & Sons Co. Farmland Investing." Harvard Business School Case 914-404, July 2013.