Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | August 2013

Nutricia Middle East: Measuring Sales Force Effectiveness

by F. Asis Martinez-Jerez


Nutricia's Middle East and African region is transitioning from a trading to a customer focus. CEO Ernest Vandenbussche must decide how to market infant milk formula most effectively in a region where the information environment is much less rich than in other countries/sectors and in which managers are concerned about measuring the effectiveness of their commercial actions. Among the most immediate decisions they need to make is the size of the salesforce—a decision that must be made in the context of a commercial strategy that is not yet fully defined. As Nutricia defines its strategy, it also has to define the strategic control systems it will use to monitor and fine-tune the strategy moving forward.

Keywords: Globalized Firms and Management; Customer Relationship Management; Commercialization; Management Practices and Processes; Salesforce Management; Nutrition; Performance Evaluation; Information Management; Health Industry; Africa; Middle East;


Martinez-Jerez, F. Asis. "Nutricia Middle East: Measuring Sales Force Effectiveness." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 114-011, August 2013.