Case | HBS Case Collection | May 2013

Education in Brazil: Waiting for a Revolution

by Aldo Musacchio and Alejandra Meraz Velasco


This case describes the situation of the education system in Brazil circa 2012. The case discusses first some of the problems of the Brazilian education system. Then, the case summarizes the findings of a recent study of high performing schools in Brazil and outlines policies that may increase the quality of education in that country. Finally, the case examines some of the reasons that made the Korean system one of the most successful in the world. The objective of the case is to discuss possible policies that may help the Brazilian government to improve the quality of education at a national level.

Keywords: education; human capital; quality of education; federalism; elementary education; Quality; Human Capital; Education; Education Industry; Brazil; Korean Peninsula;


Musacchio, Aldo, and Alejandra Meraz Velasco. "Education in Brazil: Waiting for a Revolution." Harvard Business School Case 713-095, May 2013.