Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2013 (Revised February 2014)

FanMode: Launching a Global Sports Venture

by Shikhar Ghosh, William R. Kerr and Alexis Brownell


Neven Murugan is developing FanMode, an app that allows sports fans all over the world to broadcast their reactions in real time into stadiums where their team is playing. It also provides social networking across sports fans. The company is growing, and its founders face the questions of where to locate their headquarters and how to structure their company, and the legal issues surrounding these decisions, including intellectual property regulations, tax laws, and ownership structure. This case provides an example of a company that, due to the nature of its product, has had to operate globally from its earliest days and establish itself in many locations simultaneously.

Keywords: entrepreneurship; app development; Location choices; structure of the firm; sports industry; social media; global; Entrepreneurship; Sports Industry; Entertainment and Recreation Industry; United Kingdom; South Africa;


Ghosh, Shikhar, William R. Kerr, and Alexis Brownell. "FanMode: Launching a Global Sports Venture." Harvard Business School Case 813-190, June 2013. (Revised February 2014.)