Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2013

Ken Traub at American Bank Note Holographics

by Suraj Srinivasan and Michael Norris


Ken Traub is hired as CFO for American Bank Note Holographics, the market-leading security holograph company in January 1999, but discovers on his first day that the company has misstated its financials and resigns. After consulting with the company for the next several weeks as it announces its misstatements to the public, he is asked to become president of the company. Should he take the job or is the company a sinking ship?

Keywords: Technology; Moral Sensibility; Earnings Management; Crime and Corruption; Personal Development and Career; Management Teams; Technology Industry; Service Industry; United States;


Srinivasan, Suraj, and Michael Norris. "Ken Traub at American Bank Note Holographics." Harvard Business School Case 113-073, June 2013.