Case | HBS Case Collection | May 2013 (Revised August 2013)

McKinsey & Company

by Jay W. Lorsch and Kathleen Durante


In early 2013 the leaders of McKinsey & Co., were reflecting, as they did periodically, on the path forward for their firm. Founded in Chicago in 1926 by James O. McKinsey (Mac), with only a small staff in one office, the firm had grown to be a global company with more than 17,000 firm members, including more than 9,000 consultants. It was arguably the world's preeminent management consulting firm. This case describes the history of events and decisions which have led to this enviable record of success, and poses the questions before the firm's senior leaders in 2013. What should be their path forward? Could the firm continue to grow successfully with its current strategy, organization, and culture?

Keywords: CONSULTING firms; McKinsey; professional service firm; Marvin Bower; Strategy; Governance; Consulting Industry;


Lorsch, Jay W., and Kathleen Durante. "McKinsey & Company." Harvard Business School Case 413-109, May 2013. (Revised August 2013.)