Case | HBS Case Collection | July 2013

Sample6: Innovating to Make Food Safer

by Robert F. Higgins and Kirsten Kester


Tim Curran, CEO of Sample6, a start-up biotechnology company developing a novel food safety diagnostics platform, must decide how to partner with food industry players. How can he best convince leaders in this mature industry to adopt a new technology and improve food safety? Additionally, he faces a number of questions related to product development, marketing, regulatory compliance, and dynamic industry trends. This case provides an overview of food safety in the United States, and focuses on the strategic goal of transforming food safety from a "necessary evil" to a brand-enhancing differentiator.

Keywords: Data Analytics; Food Safety; Biotechnology Industry; biotechnology; nutrition; Entrepreneurship; Product; Partners and Partnerships; Food; Technological Innovation; Business Startups; Governing Rules, Regulations, and Reforms; Product Development; Agribusiness; Information Technology; Globalization; Performance Improvement; Safety; Technology Adoption; Agriculture and Agribusiness Industry; Food and Beverage Industry; Biotechnology Industry; Information Industry; United States; Boston; Massachusetts;


Higgins, Robert F., and Kirsten Kester. "Sample6: Innovating to Make Food Safer." Harvard Business School Case 814-014, July 2013.