Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2013

Luca de Meo at Volkswagen Group

by Linda A. Hill and Dana M. Teppert


Luca de Meo, chief marketing officer of Volkswagen Group, reflects on his time leading the marketing department at Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand. In particular, he thinks about the environmental sustainability initiative launched by marketing called "Think Blue" and its success throughout the company. During his time at Volkswagen, de Meo focused on transforming the marketing department into an engine of innovation. De Meo and his team in marketing worked together to build a strong global brand.

Keywords: marketing; leadership; sustainability; auto industry; change management; branding; Leadership; Change Management; Environmental Sustainability; Auto Industry; Germany;


Hill, Linda A., and Dana M. Teppert. "Luca de Meo at Volkswagen Group." Harvard Business School Case 413-124, April 2013.