Teaching Plan | HBS Case Collection | June 2013

The K-Dow Petrochemicals Joint Venture

by Guhan Subramanian and Charlotte Krontiris


This case follows a two-part deal involving Dow Chemicals: Dow's ill-fated joint venture with the Kuwait Petroleum Corporation, the failure of which nearly scuttled Dow's simultaneous acquisition of Rohm & Haas. Focusing on Dow CEO Andrew Liveris, this case examines the strategic interplay between private negotiations and their public presentation.

Keywords: Dow Chemicals; Kuwait; financial crisis; Negotiation Process; Joint Ventures; Corporate Disclosure; Acquisition; Chemical Industry; Kuwait;


Subramanian, Guhan, and Charlotte Krontiris. "The K-Dow Petrochemicals Joint Venture." Harvard Business School Teaching Plan 913-047, June 2013.