Teaching Plan | HBS Case Collection | June 2013

Citigroup-Wachovia-Wells Fargo

by Guhan Subramanian and Charlotte Krontiris


This case follows the events of a crucial week in the 2008 financial crisis, when the federal government orchestrated the sale of Wachovia Bank first to Citigroup and then, in a surprise move, to Wells Fargo. We examine the extraordinary relations between government agencies and private institutions, and evaluate prudent corporate responses in this atmosphere of crises.

Keywords: Citigroup; Wachovia; Wells Fargo; FDIC; financial crisis; Acquisition; Financial Crisis; Banks and Banking; Business and Government Relations; Banking Industry; United States;


Subramanian, Guhan, and Charlotte Krontiris. "Citigroup-Wachovia-Wells Fargo." Harvard Business School Teaching Plan 913-044, June 2013.