Case | HBS Case Collection | May 2013 (Revised May 2014)

Innovation at the Boston Consulting Group

by Robert G. Eccles, Das Narayandas and Penelope Rossano


This case is about how the Boston Consulting Group has approached innovation from its founding to the present day. It discusses the role of the firm's talent market and client market in developing these innovations.

Keywords: innovation; strategy consulting; professional service firm; knowledge management; client management; product development; leadership; Customer Focus and Relationships; Customer Value and Value Chain; Independent Innovation and Invention; Innovation and Management; Innovation Leadership; Innovation Strategy; Value Creation; Consulting Industry;


Eccles, Robert G., Das Narayandas, and Penelope Rossano. "Innovation at the Boston Consulting Group." Harvard Business School Case 313-137, May 2013. (Revised May 2014.)