Case | HBS Case Collection | June 2013

The World Economic Forum's Global Leadership Fellows Program

by Rakesh Khurana and Eric Baldwin


This case examines a distinctive leadership development program within the World Economic Forum. The program, born out of the conviction that the complexity of global challenges at the beginning of the 21st century required a new generation of global leaders, recruited a small number of "high potential" young leaders from around the world as "Global Leadership Fellows" each year. During the three-year program, Fellows combined a position at the Forum with formal classroom training modules, one-on-one coaching, peer mentoring, and extensive assessment. The case explores the Forum's understanding of its role in the world, the vision of leadership that animates the program, and the structure and content of the program. It asks how successful the program has been in providing the kind of transformational experience it envisions and whether it could or should be replicated by other organizations.

Keywords: organizational behavior; leadership skills; training; global organizations; global leadership; World Economic Forum; Globalization; Leadership; Leadership Development; Leadership Style; Leading Change;


Khurana, Rakesh, and Eric Baldwin. "The World Economic Forum's Global Leadership Fellows Program." Harvard Business School Case 413-118, June 2013.