Case | HBS Case Collection | April 2013 (Revised October 2014)

SaferTaxi: Connecting Taxis and Passengers in South America

by Peter Coles and Benjamin Edelman


SaferTaxi, a taxi booking service in South America must develop its mobilization strategy; that is, it must attract enough passengers and drivers to make its service worthwhile for all. Drivers hesitate to pay for SaferTaxi's smartphones and service unless these will deliver passenger bookings—and passengers have no reason to sign up unless drivers are available. Meanwhile, regulators question the permissibility of online taxi booking in light of regulatory requirements, and some existing taxi booking vendors feel threatened by SaferTaxi's efforts to enter the market. As SaferTaxi attempts to satisfy these diverse constituents, international competition looms. What should SaferTaxi's founders do next?

Keywords: taxi booking; smartphone; Transportation Networks; Network Effects; Laws and Statutes; South America; Argentina; Brazil; Chile;


Coles, Peter, and Benjamin Edelman. "SaferTaxi: Connecting Taxis and Passengers in South America." Harvard Business School Case 913-041, April 2013. (Revised October 2014.) (request a courtesy copy.)