Case | HBS Case Collection | December 1999

Agrochemicals at Ciba-Geigy AG (A)

by Michael L. Tushman, Wendy Smith and Daniel Radov


After spending five years to develop a revolutionary product, the director of Ciba-Geigy's fungicide research department is handed an unfavorable market study. The case details the R&D process for the new product, including information on corporate partnerships, company structure, and departmental research procedures. The case ends with the R&D director faced with a decision about the best way of moving forward, if at all, with the product.

Keywords: Agribusiness; Plant-Based Agribusiness; Research and Development; Innovation and Invention; Innovation Strategy; Product Launch; Marketing Channels; Change Management; Product Development; Business Processes; Organizational Structure; Corporate Accountability; Agriculture and Agribusiness Industry; Pharmaceutical Industry;


Tushman, Michael L., Wendy Smith, and Daniel Radov. "Agrochemicals at Ciba-Geigy AG (A)." Harvard Business School Case 400-022, December 1999.