Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2013

Robin Ash and Printzhof Press

by Frank V. Cespedes and Lynda St. Clair


Robin Ash has just been promoted to Chief Operating Officer of Printzhof Press and Vice President of its parent company, Education and Entertainment Holdings, Inc. Her first objective is to create an action plan that will achieve two seemingly contradictory corporate objectives: transform Printzhof into an aggressively competitive 21st century educational publisher while maintaining its close-knit and collaborative culture. Because of new technologies changing how information is delivered and used in higher education, the need for the company to evolve along with the publishing industry is obvious to Ash and other company leaders. However, Printzhof's history of success has resulted in resistance to organizational change among many longtime employees and senior managers. Still, Ash must revitalize Printzhof without destroying employee morale and loyalty. How far and how fast should she move on the critical priorities she has identified?

Keywords: United States; Organizational change; management styles; organizational culture; general management; change management; morale; communication; human resource management; competitive strategy; Book Publishing; Technology; Organizational Change and Adaptation; Conflict Management; Leading Change; Competitive Strategy; Organizational Culture; Planning; Education Industry; Publishing Industry;


Cespedes, Frank V., and Lynda St. Clair. "Robin Ash and Printzhof Press." Harvard Business School Brief Case 913-554, March 2013.