Supplement | HBS Case Collection | June 2013

Can PACIV (Puerto Rico) Serve European Customers? (Video Supplement)

by Jim Sharpe


This is Video Supplement for Can PACIV (Puerto Rico) Serve European Customers? HBS Case #808099.

Keywords: entrepreneurial management; entrepreneurship; global organizations; Globalized Markets and Industries; service; hiring; Incentives, Motivation; joint ventures; Customer Service Excellence; customer relationship management; Empowerment; international expansion; ownership structure; culture; organization alignment; Growth and Development Strategy; Entrepreneurship; Private Ownership; Globalized Markets and Industries; Globalized Firms and Management; Pharmaceutical Industry; Biotechnology Industry; Puerto Rico; United Kingdom;


Sharpe, Jim. "Can PACIV (Puerto Rico) Serve European Customers? (Video Supplement)." Harvard Business School Video Supplement 813-722, June 2013.