Supplement | HBS Case Collection | May 2013

Can PACIV (Puerto Rico) Serve European Customers?


This is the Spreadsheet Supplement HBS Case #808099 (PACIV). Includes Exhibit 1a, Exhibit 1b, Exhibit 1c, Exhibit 1d, Exhibit 1e, Exhibit 1f, Exhibit 5, Exhibit 6, and Exhibit 8.

Keywords: entrepreneurs; entrepreneurship; foreign subsidiaries; global business; international business; international entrepreneurial finance; International operations; Entrepreneurship; Globalization; International Finance; Operations; Finance; Pharmaceutical Industry; Technology Industry; Puerto Rico; United Kingdom; Europe; United States;


Sharpe, Jim. "Can PACIV (Puerto Rico) Serve European Customers?" Harvard Business School Spreadsheet Supplement 813-715, May 2013.