Teaching Note | HBS Case Collection | April 2013

Bluefin Labs: The Acquisition by Twitter

by John Deighton and Leora Kornfeld


What is the value of Bluefin Labs's social listening data to Twitter? Acquired by Twitter in 2013, Bluefin had built a system that gathered millions of online comments in an effort to develop new metrics for TV programs and brand advertising. With data from Twitter and other social sites, expressions, not just impressions, could now be aggregated, measured, and used to calibrate brand performance and to sell media time. A second objective of the case is to understand the implications of social TV viewing, the audience engagement that results when people watch television with a smartphone or tablet in hand, participating in a virtual community of real-time TV watchers.

Keywords: Knowledge Use and Leverage; Knowledge Acquisition; Marketing; Television Entertainment; Mobile Technology;


Deighton, John, and Leora Kornfeld. "Bluefin Labs: The Acquisition by Twitter." Harvard Business School Teaching Note 513-094, April 2013.