Article | European Financial Review | February–March 2013

The Mobile Banking and Payment Revolution

by Sunil Gupta


Mobile technology is revolutionizing the global banking and payment industry. It offers new opportunities for banks to provide added convenience to their existing customers in developed countries and reach a large population of unbanked customers in emerging markets. However, banks face significant challenges as new players enter these markets and change the ecosystem of the industry. Although no single model has been successfully imported from one country to another due to significant country-specific differences in the regulatory financial infrastructure and customer needs, financial service firms can learn some lessons from the limited success of current approaches to design their strategy in this exciting area.

Keywords: Emerging Markets; Cross-Cultural and Cross-Border Issues; Mobile Technology; Banks and Banking; Banking Industry;


Gupta, Sunil. "The Mobile Banking and Payment Revolution." European Financial Review (February–March 2013), 3–6.