Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2013

Grupo ABC and Nizan Guanaes's Path from Brazil to the World

by Rosabeth Moss Kanter, Gustavo Herrero and Ricardo Reisen De Pinho


Internationally recognized Brazilian Nizan Guanaes, co-founder of Grupo ABC, a rapidly growing global advertising firm ranked 18th in 2011, had aspirations to be in the top 10 by 2015. Grupo ABC thrived by identifying national (Brazilian) challenges and incorporating them in creative messages. Guanaes steered the group toward thinking big while acting locally, tackling societal challenges and building partnerships, as he entered the world stage; serving as an informal ambassador for Brazil; playing important roles in international forums as the Clinton Global Initiative, UNESCO, and the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival. Guanaes needed to determine the best growth strategy, how to seize opportunities, and/or how to adapt to meet his ambitious goal.

Keywords: management; global business; advertising agency; Opportunities; Globalized Firms and Management; Advertising; Global Strategy; Business Strategy; Advertising Industry; Brazil;


Kanter, Rosabeth Moss, Gustavo Herrero, and Ricardo Reisen De Pinho. "Grupo ABC and Nizan Guanaes's Path from Brazil to the World." Harvard Business School Case 313-095, March 2013.