Case | HBS Case Collection | March 2013 (Revised March 2014)

C12 Energy

by Joseph B. Lassiter III and James McQuade


C12 aimed to build not only a company, but an entire industry around carbon capture and sequestration (CCS). "You change the world by building a market, and you build a market by building a profitable company that other people copy," said Dawe, C12 Energy's CEO. "In the energy business, you build a company one project at a time. Moving forward with this first project is where we hope to begin to change the world."

Keywords: carbon sequestration; sustainability; entrepreneurship; cleantech; energy; oil and gas; Business Model; Energy; Entrepreneurship; Environmental Sustainability; Green Technology Industry; Energy Industry; North America;


Lassiter, Joseph B., III, and James McQuade. "C12 Energy." Harvard Business School Case 813-159, March 2013. (Revised March 2014.)