Case | HBS Case Collection | February 2013

YouTube Channels

by Sunil Gupta and Dharmishta Rood


In December 2011 YouTube launched a website redesign that made Channels the central focus of the site. This redesign was the company's first foray into a strategy designed to foster long-form user engagement. YouTube invested $100 million in 100 Channels, often created by high-profile celebrities. YouTube hoped that original content would bring users to the site for longer periods of time, as well as allow YouTube to compete with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon and cable TV. Could YouTube compete with video subscription services and cable TV networks?

Keywords: Competition; Online Technology; Entertainment; Growth and Development Strategy; Entertainment and Recreation Industry; Media and Broadcasting Industry;


Gupta, Sunil, and Dharmishta Rood. "YouTube Channels." Harvard Business School Case 513-078, February 2013.