Supplement | HBS Case Collection | January 2013

EverTrue: Mobile Technology Development (B)

by William R. Kerr and Alexis Brownell


Brent Grinna has one customer signed up for his alumni-networking mobile app, and is now trying to choose among three possibilities for a CTO. He decided to contract with a friend's company, Dashfire, to create a prototype of the app, and has signed up Brown University as a customer. Since the end of the events of the A case, Grinna's company, EverTrue, has launched the app, found an advisor and office space, and been covered in the Boston Globe. He is still unsure about how to move forward with EverTrue, and is struggling with issues like a conflict in his B2B2C business models or what his next steps should be, as well as personal concerns. At the moment, he is trying to decide between three candidates for CTO, and he must weigh the importance of having an MBA and having experience in app development, and also must consider how hiring a CTO will affect his relationship with Dashfire.

Keywords: entrepreneurship; start-up; mobile app; CTO; hiring; scaling; Business Startups; Decisions; Entrepreneurship; Growth and Development; Mobile Technology; Technology Industry; Massachusetts; Boston;


Kerr, William R., and Alexis Brownell. "EverTrue: Mobile Technology Development (B)." Harvard Business School Supplement 813-123, January 2013.