Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2013

Cabot Corporation: The Fuel Cell Decision (A)

by Willy Shih and Ying Zhou


Managers at Cabot Corporation are faced with deciding the future of its fuel cell program. The (A) case recounts the view of the business manager and the technical project lead, and the (B) case describes the perspective of a senior manager who is the head of the New Business Segment. Used in combination, the cases explore these very different perspectives, the different levels of subject matter expertise brought to the table by each team member, and they highlight the criteria and decision-making process used by the management of the company.

Keywords: technical decision-making; decision-making process; fuel cells; Decision Choices and Conditions; Decisions; Judgments; Business Plan; Business Exit or Shutdown; Energy Generation; Energy Sources; Innovation and Management; Innovation Strategy; Technological Innovation; Research and Development; Science-Based Business; Commercialization; Technology Industry; Manufacturing Industry; Massachusetts; United States;


Shih, Willy, and Ying Zhou. "Cabot Corporation: The Fuel Cell Decision (A)." Harvard Business School Case 613-066, January 2013.