Course Overview Note | December 2012

Making a Success of your EC Independent Project: Good Practices for Students

by Ian W. Mackenzie


Independent project (IP) work in the EC poses challenges over and above those encountered in the project components of RC FIELD. Based on the belief that the success of IPs can be greatly influenced by how well students select and scope their projects and then go about executing them, this note sets out seven detailed areas of good practice. These cover (i) the defining phase, (ii) the planning phase, (iii) the executing phase, (iv) the reporting phase, (v) the reflecting phase, (vi) team work, and (vii) stakeholder management. While most of these good practices leverage experience from the management consulting industry, they have broad applicability to the many different forms of IPs. Indeed they could well be viewed as a generic 'business problem solving toolkit.'

Keywords: Independent Projects; BEST practices; learning by doing; practical project work; Teamwork; project management; stakeholder management; stakeholder engagement; Projects; Groups and Teams;


Mackenzie, Ian W. "Making a Success of your EC Independent Project: Good Practices for Students." Harvard Business School Course Overview Note 713-468, December 2012.