Course Overview Note | December 2012

Good Practices for Supervising an EC Independent Project

by Ian W. Mackenzie


Spurred by the notion that Faculty Supervisors (FSs) can make a significant contribution to the educational value and overall success of Independent Projects (IPs) to students, this note offers a set of good practices which can be used to guide the policies and practices of FSs in relation to IPs. It is hoped that this note will encourage FSs to be more pro-active in influencing student performance in IPs and be particularly useful for those FSs who have less direct experience in performing or overseeing business-focused project work. The note covers (i) the challenges presented by IPs, (ii) the role of the FS, (iii) a brief overview of 'good practices for students undertaking IPs' and (iv) good practices in supervising IPs. The last named includes the assessment of IPs and includes suggested assessment criteria.

Keywords: Independent Projects; Faculty Supervisor; Project manager; Student evaluation; Projects; Groups and Teams;


Mackenzie, Ian W. "Good Practices for Supervising an EC Independent Project." Harvard Business School Course Overview Note 713-469, December 2012.