Case | HBS Case Collection | January 2013 (Revised August 2013)

Family Matters at ProLab

by Noam Wasserman and Yael Braid


Hillary Mallow, founder-CEO of ProLab, learns that her health-services company is two months shy of bankruptcy. She needs to act—immediately—but isn't sure where to begin. Prolab's client list and geographic presence have grown steadily over the years, so the recent downturn is quite unexpected. Most worrisome, ProLab's executive team is in major trouble; contentiousness has developed between Hillary's husband, ProLab's CFO, and Hillary's business partner, ProLab's COO, which now threatens to envelop everyone else. With her company at stake and personal relationships on the line, Hillary must scramble to resolve the complicated mess that could mean the end of her company, or worse.

Keywords: entrepreneurship; family business; Entrepreneurship; Health Industry;


Wasserman, Noam, and Yael Braid. "Family Matters at ProLab." Harvard Business School Case 813-130, January 2013. (Revised August 2013.)