Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2012

Bonnier: Digitalizing the Media Business

by Lynda Applegate, Daniel Nylen, Jonny Holmstrom and Kalle Lyytinen


The case follows leading Scandinavian media company Bonnier as it establishes a designated R&D division for the first time. The case, in particular, focuses on its first flagship project, called Mag+, in which it creates a digital platform for publishing digital magazines on the iPad. The case is intended, in part, as an introduction to the challenges media companies face due to the disruptive effects of digitalization, where traditional products and services are challenged by new digital category breakers such as the iPhone, Hulu, or Netflix. To this end, it offers a short tour of the changing print media landscape and reviews major upheavals in its business models. The Bonnier case illustrates how to engage in and manage a radical digital innovation process. In particular, it discusses the challenges associated with responding to the disruptive effects of digitalizing printed magazines. It illustrates concrete challenges that Bonnier R&D manager, Sara Öhrvall, needs to tackle as she starts as the first R&D manager at Bonnier.

Keywords: media and publishing; Media; Publishing Industry; Media and Broadcasting Industry;


Applegate, Lynda, Daniel Nylen, Jonny Holmstrom, and Kalle Lyytinen. "Bonnier: Digitalizing the Media Business." Harvard Business School Case 813-073, November 2012.