Article | Journal of Business Ethics | 2012

Organizing for Society: A Typology of Social Entrepreneuring Models

by Johanna Mair, Julie Battilana and Julian Cardenas


In this article, we use content and cluster analysis on a global sample of 200 social entrepreneurial organizations to develop a typology of social entrepreneuring models. This typology is based on four possible forms of capital that can be leveraged: social, economic, human, and political. Furthermore, our findings reveal that these four social entrepreneuring models are associated with distinct logics of justification that may explain different ways of organizing across organizations. This study contributes to understanding social entrepreneurship as a field of practice and it describes avenues for theorizing about the different organizational approaches adopted by social entrepreneurs.

Keywords: Social Entrepreneurship; Organizational Structure;


Mair, Johanna, Julie Battilana, and Julian Cardenas. "Organizing for Society: A Typology of Social Entrepreneuring Models." Special Issue on Social Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice. Journal of Business Ethics 111, no. 3 (December 2012): 353–373.