Case | HBS Case Collection | December 2012

Blink Booking

by William R. Kerr, Magnus Thor Torfason and Alexis Brownell


Rebeca Minguela hopes to create an arbitrage platform, similar to Rocket Internet, that can bring start-up ideas and opportunities to Spain. However, Blink Booking, her first venture and proof of concept, is rocked by a co-founder's breach of confidence and departure. Minguela must repair the damage to Blink's management team, restore investor confidence, and continue Blink's rapid growth to deliver on the venture's initial promise. The case explores management team roles, equity splits, and related entrepreneurial challenges that Minguela must navigate. Minguela must also decide whether her long-term goal of an incubator-like platform for Spain is really feasible. The case describes how her vision differs from Rocket Internet—a large German incubator that also provides its entrepreneurs with ready-made business models from existing companies—allowing students to compare the models and discuss the ethics of cloning.

Keywords: entrepreneurship; clones; cloning; ethics; Rocket Internet; start-up; equity split; arbitrage; incubator; mobile app; Expansion; Spain; Europe; Entrepreneurship; Ethics; Information Technology Industry; Accommodations Industry; Travel Industry; Spain; Europe;


Kerr, William R., Magnus Thor Torfason, and Alexis Brownell. "Blink Booking." Harvard Business School Case 813-121, December 2012.