Case | HBS Case Collection | November 2012 (Revised June 2013)

The Facebook IPO Litigation

by Lena G. Goldberg and Annelena Loeb


Despite its success in the social-networking space, Facebook Inc.'s May 2012 IPO was largely considered a failure. Facebook faced multiple lawsuits and its share price had dropped significantly. Adversaries contended that Facebook had misled investors and violated securities laws. Were the allegations legitimate, and did the litigation pose a serious threat to Facebook's share price?

Keywords: social networking; IPO; Litigation Risk; Initial Public Offering; Ethics; Lawsuits and Litigation; Failure; Consumer Products Industry; Information Technology Industry; Entertainment and Recreation Industry; United States;


Goldberg, Lena G., and Annelena Loeb. "The Facebook IPO Litigation." Harvard Business School Case 313-080, November 2012. (Revised June 2013.)