Mimeo | 2013

Money Creation and the Shadow Banking System

by Adi Sunderam


Many explanations for the rapid growth of the shadow banking system in the mid-2000s focus on money demand. This paper asks whether the short-term liabilities of the shadow banking system behave like money. We first present a simple model where households demand money services, which are supplied by three types of claims: deposits, Treasury bills, and asset-backed commercial paper (ABCP). The model provides predictions for the price and quantity dynamics of these claims, as well as the behavior of the banking system (in terms of issuance) and the monetary authority (in terms of open market operations). Consistent with the model, the empirical evidence suggests that the shadow banking system does respond to money demand. An extrapolation of our estimates would suggest that heightened money demand could explain up to approximately 1/2 of the growth of ABCP in the mid-2000s.

Keywords: Banks and Banking; Governing Rules, Regulations, and Reforms; Money; Behavior; Demand and Consumers; Mathematical Methods;


Sunderam, Adi. "Money Creation and the Shadow Banking System." December 2013. Mimeo.