Case | HBS Case Collection | October 2012 (Revised October 2016)


by Robert F. Higgins and Annelena Lobb


The management team at Predilytics, a healthcare analytics firm, must decide whether to accept a Series A venture capital financing deal. The company provided analytic services to healthcare plans, typically Medicare Advantage plans, in efforts to draw conclusions from massive amounts of patient data. The company still had enough funding from a seed round to operate on a low-key basis for a few more months, but the team hoped to move forward aggressively and scale its business. They also needed to make business choices about next steps.

Keywords: analytics; healthcare; Medicare; Health Care and Treatment; Mathematical Methods; Health Industry; New England; United States;


Higgins, Robert F., and Annelena Lobb. "Predilytics." Harvard Business School Case 813-023, October 2012. (Revised October 2016.)